Sunday, 24 May 2009

Bramley Fete

So today was Bramley May Fete. John and I had promised we would take part in the procession, organised by my mum. John was a spectacular knight in shinng armor.along with my Dad, Phil and Tom and I was a medieval wench with Mum. I was quite pleased with myself as I managed to walk all the way up to the field, part of the time pushing the buggy, though Chris helped out for a bit.

When we got there we quickly changed and wandered in desperate search of a drink, a german sausage and something yummy to eat. Having stuffed our faces under the blue sky sat in the shade we loaded the monster into the sling and ambled on...

And what do we find? The motely crew:

Once we were feeling decidedly sunkissed and had drunk plenty of squash and eateb coke we headed home and Nathan had an al fresco meal

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