Friday, 4 July 2008

Week Four? : The next day

So we were VERY tired this morning as John had to go to work but we ended up doing another test (yup, still pregnant) and then chatting babies so that he headed off late. Getting to work, he had to explain why he was late to his boss and only managed "Yeah, about that..." before bursting into tears...

I have arranged a doctors appointment for Monday this morning and then spent the rest of the day pretending to work while my head goes "babybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybaby".

One thing I did during the day was work out my due date. It is calculated by couting 40 weeks from the date of your last period, not fromt he date of ovulation. This means that I am due on the 16th March so I am in week 4 of pregnancy. HOWEVER, my luteal phase (time between one period and the next) is only 24 rather than the average 28 days SO I ovulate 4 days earlier than standard so actually due on the 12th. This means I am just entering week five, so now I can have a look and find what stage Baby Juerss has reached. So I hit hundreds of websites - the best one I found is, which seems to update your babys status twice a week.

So says :

This week you will be able to take a pregnancy test. You may know you are pregnant if you have done an early test, but will probably not be experiencing morning sickness yet. However you may notice other signs of pregnancy such as changes to your sense of smell. A plug of mucus has sealed your cervix.Your babyBy week five your baby's brain and the rest of the nervous system have started to develop.

Your baby is gently floating in amniotic fluid. The nose, eyes and hands are forming and basic hand 'plates' are present. The heart is now beating strongly at twice your own rate. Blood vessels have formed and a tiny umbilical cord has connected itself to the rapidly developing placenta. Your baby measures around the length of a grain of rice.

According to the picture, it looks like a giant blob...

I had a quick nap finally at about 4 ish and was still asleep when John got home - I was in a fog for pretty much the whole time. It was around this time that I realised "Mummy knows best", "You can't do/say that to a Mummy" and "Good Daddy's don't do that" could be used to me full advantage now and proceeded to make John's life HELL!

After talking we decided to only tell our parents and my sister for the time being, just in case, as John kept on coming up with frightening statistics on miscarriage in the first 3 months. We decided to go see both sets of parents at the weekend and of course Mum promptly phoned for an hours chat and I spent the whole time BITING my lip to stop screaming my news.

Probably a tad premature, but we spent the evening talking baby names and came up with a huge list for girls but only 2 for boys. We have also decided to put off finding out the sex of the baby until it pops out so it is going to make knitting and crochet (i have already started looking for patterns) a lot harder...

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