Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Week 13 : Finally it's official

Finally we went for the first official scan at Frimley. We left early, planning to get breakfast first, but didn't recon on the early morning traffic so in the end have to go straight to the hospital. I drink water like mad to make sure I have a full bladder and then they called us in.

The baby performed like a pro - when we first saw him he was on his side so we got a beautiful view of his spine like a tiny zip running down his back and then he turned onto his side so that the operator could take the measurements of the nucal sac (he says the initial measurements are very promising) and we could have a good look at him/her.

We got three pictures this time, but unfortunately they aren't quite as good as the previous one and we didn't get one of his gorgeous spine which is a shame.


Having convinced myself, again, that everything was fine I burst into tears on the way home as obviously I was secretly convinced that it wasn't going to go right...

Poor John then had to go to a dentist appointment...

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