Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Week 16 : Every time that we meet I skip a heartbeat

Had my second midwifes appointment today. This was much more relaxed than before as there wasn't as much information to go through and it was a different, more relaxed and friendly. She was shocked that the first midwife hadn't given us contact details for the team in case of problems and went through that with me.

She also let me listen to the baby's heartbeat which she said was very strong and she was pleased that she didn't have to hunt for it. She thinks that the fluttering that I have felt is probably the baby moving as I thought and, as the heart beat is nice and strong and the baby moved a lot during the scans, that I will start to feel stronger movements quite early.

The only downside is I told John that he didn't need to come as it was just a check up and there would be nothing new at this appointment. Poor sausage.

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