Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Oh what a beautiful mooooooorning.....

....and what a waste of an afternoon.

We had a particularly early start this morning, dropping JJ at the office at silly o'clock, and a wonderfully gorgeous morning it was. In fact, on the way home, as we weren't in a hurry, I stopped and took some piccies of the gorgeousness and, indeed, his gorgeousness.

We then had some breakfast before heading to playschool - Nate coloured christmas cards and was played beautifully with a little girl whose name I didn't catch, roaring at each other with dinosaur toys for about 20 minutes.

It was when we got home that things started to go downhill. After Nates nap we went to swimming only to find that when we got there I had forgotten my swimming costume. Getting home, I decided to fix y computer. After about 3 hours, I realised it didn't really need fixing in the first place. I then made Nate some thoast, knocked the jam out of the cupboard and smashed the jar. I then went to pick John up from work but forgot my mobile (needed to tell him I was there and waiting for him).

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