Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Rubbish but amazing...

OK, yet again, I have been rubbish at keeping up this blog so I plan to go back and fill in past entries this evening but just wanted to wax lyrical about my wonderful parents.

Since before christmas I have had this cold that just won't go away. This morning they rang to see what I was upto today and, despite my snotty lurgyness, came along anyway (the pull of the grandchild is great for these ones..) So not only did we go out to get lunch, they then kept Nate entertained while I dozed off on the sofa for a couple of hours, Dad then not only packed the dishwasher and he then washed up the remaining bits that didn't fit in (I hadn't caught up from christmas). Meanwhile, I feel much better than I did (still swimming in snot but you can't expect miracles), my kitchen is nearly useable again ( though couldn't clean the oven, Dad?! Can't get the staff...) and Nate was plumb tuckered out come bedtime so just zonked out.

Add in that my hubby has just made a delicious tea -so a perfect end to a lovely day that I thought was going to be fairly miserable.

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