Saturday, 21 February 2009

a perfect day

John arrived early this morning got me into the shower (whilw we both boggled at the thought of two days until baby day!)and dressed and we headed off to Asda to get some breakfast and passport photos for my disabled badge.

We had bacon baps in Asdaand then popped into the center to get some cards then headed off home. We let Mum and Dada know we were on our way they had been out spending money like mad and had popped to Nans for a cuppa. We got home and sat on te sofa with a cuppa ourselves which was a relief for my poor bumthe sky was blue and the sun was shining and the company accounts were growling in the next room so John suggested as i had been inside for so long that we should maybe get some air so when Mum andDad arrived we persuaded them into a walk around Virginia Waters. We stopped at kfc to get some lunchand took it with us to the first free bench we came too - it was almost civilised! We headed to the right but got to the point where my chair couldn't go any furtherso we headed round the other way to the totem pole and beyonf up a steeep bit (poor John pushed me most of the wayand i think found achy muscles he didn't know he hafd!) we finally headed home and packed my and the basbies vag for Mondayand got back to the ward dead on 6.00.

I then had my 2nd to last evening injevtion andSue bought me some steroids to mature the babies lungs for Mondayto be taken at 8pm. I ate tea - tuna saladYUM!and John ate my cheese and biscuits and coffee choux bun to tide him over as ha was flagging after all that pushing! We then sat and watched the baby do an MC Hammer impression in my tum for some time,whhle we sang sleepy Jean to him, and chatted aboutMonday. I took the steroids and sent himselfhome poopedas he had bits to doo andI want him in one piece!

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