Saturday, 21 February 2009

What Lydia Missed Out

I think Lydia missed some pretty vital info between her last two posts. She got as far as telling us that I got her to hospital and in the next post we're happily strolling round Virginia Water.

What transpired between these events was that Lydia had suffered a major stroke.

Between then and now was a period of time the likes of which I would never want to experience ever again. But it HAS happened so we have to deal with it and move on. The baby is OK and Lydia is making a good recovery, what happened to us is shitty but it could have been a lot worse. What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger and bizarrely enough I feel our relationship has grown better and stronger because of what has happened to us.

Things are going to be just fine, and as for the company accounts that I was supposed to do today? I'm doing them tomorrow... honestly!

Oh, and check out the baby website I created here!

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