Monday, 23 November 2009

Happy Birthday Sherbert

Well, today would have been Sherbies 9th birthday and instead of making a fuss of him as I would normally I have picked out his casket. So to cheer myself up I decided to upload photos of him in better days and then got distracted and instead made a video. Warningn: This has intermitant sound so if at work switch off your speakers.

From Nine Years of Sherbert

If you don't want to sit through the video you can view the individual photos here (you can see them as thumb nails and so skip through them fast):
Nine Years of Sherbert

There is a lot I want to remember her about sherb but I suspect it will be boring and over sentimental for most people so I recommend you skip to the end or the next entry which will hopfully be happier.

We got Sherb as an older, already toilet trained puppy. Isat in the back with him when we bought him home and he sat on my knee. He unfortunately hadn't been properly socialised or vaccinated so we then had to keep him away from other dogs while he went through the injections and then when he was ready to walk the foot and mnouth disease hit and they shut all the local dog walking areas. We got Thai as a last ditch attempt to get him used to other dogs. They eventually reached a truce but would occassionally fight and poor Thai would come off worse. The older he got the worse he got with other dogs - to the point where we couldn't risk allowing him off lead at all. We also got a cage for him to sleep in, in the lounge as they fought there most regularily. Luckily he liked it and it soon became his default position in the house - he even would open the door to let him self in and if he could get it open would stand and bark until someone came to do it for him. He was increbibily clever - he learnt to open doors by jumping up to the handle fairly early and soon realised if he was letting himself in from the garden he wouldbe told off so would open the door, stand back and let Thai go first and take the heat and the saunter in casually behind her. When Thai taught him about stealing he would regularly open the cupboard to the bin and tip it over for a rummage. Once, Thai and him ate 8 boxes of chocolates (bought as christmas pressents) and that was the end of the dining room carpet...

He loved to have his muzzle and chin scratched, was an angel at bathtime until he was let out of the bathroom all wet when he would dash around like a maniac, LOVED the snow (had to bribed to come in) and adored the sprinkler on a hot day. He was alway vocally pleased to see me and liked to rub his muzzle on the seam of my jeans. He was never bad for the vet even when he had anal furunculosis and was in huge pain. In fact he loved going to the vets and would drag me up the hill and in the door. He was the same with the kennels, whereas I would cry my eyes out having to leave him there...

Over the last 9 years, he was my shadow, following me round the house and garden and I spent more time with him than I did with John (and he didn't smell as bad)! I miss him awfully and can't quite believe he won't be coming home soon. I regret that the last load of snow fell while I was in hospital so John came into see me so Sherb didn't get to play in it all day as he would have had I been there. I'm also ashamed to say that we don't have a picture of Nate with Sherb - despite them getting along quite amiably. Anyway suffice to say - I miss that pup...

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