Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Walker, Haircut and celebratory face stuffing...

So I was chatting to kristy the other day on skype and we realised that she hadn't yet seen Nate in his walker. So I decided to remedy that but typically he decided to just sit and watch either the fascinating washing machine or the camera itself - typical.

I have got fed up with my hair - I had to grow it a bit for the wedding so it was tickling my face and making it itch so last night, being a stingy cow, I made John cut it. I chose a picture and asked him to approximate it and he did quite well I have to say... particularily as I had resolved that if it all went wrong I could just have a grade 2 but that proviso wasn't needed.

Today John had a meeting in Reading so I went along too in order to shop! I then disgraced myself in WHSmiths as I wandered from one end to the other andNathan started to squeak and so I prattled on, "Is that what you think? Really? You don't say" before realising there were a load of people stood around in silence - someone at that end of the shop had obviously announced the 2 minute silence but, being at the other end, I hadn't heard - oops. Turned out that John got some work out of his meeting so we then had a cheapish celebratory lunch then bought krispy kremes to eat at home with a coffee.

Nathan declared the meal a sucess as he got a balloon...

But all that excitement had its toll...

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