Wednesday, 13 January 2010

I heard a gorgeous song on the radio today that Mum has a version of but I haven't heard the full version in year and this inspired me to look up the lyrics

The January Man

Oh the January man he walks abroad in woollen coat and boots of
The February man still wipes the snow from off his hair and blows
his hand
The man of March he sees the Spring and wonders what the year
will bring
And hopes for better weather

Through April rain the man goes down to watch the birds come in
to share the summer
The man of May stands very still watching the children dance away
the day
In June the man inside the man is young and wants to lend a hand
And grins at each new comer

And in July the man in cotton shirts he sits and thinks on being
The August man in thousands take the road and watch the sea and
find the sun
September man is standing near to saddle up and lead the year
And Autumn is his bridle

The man of new October takes the reins and early frost is on his
The poor November man sees fire and wind and mist and rain and
winter air
December man looks through the snow to let eleven brothers know
They're all a little older

And the January man comes round again in woollen coat and boots
of leather
To take another turn and walk along the icy road he knows so well
The January man is here for starting each and every year
Along the way for ever

I recommend the version sung by Martin Carthy but Mike Harding is OK.

We had another couple of inches of snow over night - the trees and fence tops had been nearly bare last night but now:

And because I know you only come to thhis pictures for photos of his most gorgeousness: Nathan didn't know what to do with himself today, very unsettled and discontented so in desparation I gave him one of his stocking fillers a chocolate father christmas on a stick - It was not without mess.

Finally, I promised a happier post as Grandad never liked people to mope but a few people have sent their thoughts on his passing and I thought I should share them so if you go back one post they are there.

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