Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Week 12 : Another scare and a result!

Well we have had another scare - Monday John and I went for a wander round Virginia Waters and, about half way round I started to get some pain in my pelvis and sort of dismissed it as trapped wind in the same way as I had with the few twinges that I had in the previous couple of days. As the day went on the pain got steadily worse and worse and eventually kept me awake most of the night. When I woke in the morning it was very painful, making things ache from my mid thigh to my mid back and the only way to alleviate it was to lay very very still.

To add insult to injury Thai has been very ill too with severe diaorear and desperately needed to go to the vets for a check up. John decided he couldn't go to work and rang the doctor and got me an appointment and the same for Thai with the vet. Typically, as the time to see the doctor approached, the pain lessened until I barely had any pain when I got there. The doctor poke and prodded me in as uncomfortable way as possible (but was very nice) and said that she didn't think it was anything to worry about but that I should have another scan to confirm that there wasn't any problem. They couldn't get hold of the EPU immeadiately so we came home and awaited a call with a time. Unfortunately it turned out they couldn't get an appointment until the next day, so we took Thai to the vets and got some bits and bobs for her poor tum. John was very worried all day, but I really felt that this was going to be fine as everything I read said if there was no blood it was very unlikely to be a problem.

Next morning, however, I have NO morning sickness for the first time in ages, I slept well so am not tired and all in all, all signs of pregnancy are gone so I began to panic. John headed for work for the morning and I sat home and worried and worried and worried and...

Finally, John got back and we headed off to the scan. The same doctor who saw us the first time met us there and within a couple of minutes I was lying on the bed with goop all over my tummy and THERE IT WAS! It is definately my child as it was flailing around with the coordination of a drunken spider, moving arms legs and head around way more than either of us had expected to see. This time I remembered to ask for a picture and here is baby Juerss:

You can see the head, eyes, nose and mouth, an arm and a leg poking up. I cried a lot, John cried a lot and all in all we were very very happy. The scan was very efficient and checked out for potential problems but if anything was too fast, we were in and out in a minute or two - I just wanted to just look at my baby!

We decided to head over to Mum's to show her the piccy, via my Nan's as, now we had a picture, we could NOT keep quiet any longer. After a quick detour to get John a new coat, we headed to Nan's only to find she had nipped out! We visited with Grandad for a while and fixed his freeview box before finally giving up and going on to Mum's.

Mum was duely impressed by the piccy and despite a lot of insult hurling between Kris and JJ, there was a lot of giggling etc. going on. They were supposed to be packing for their extreamely early morning trip to Germany today but we successfully held them up on that! On the way back we drove by Nan's to see if she was in yet but the car wasn't there (she is a demon bowler and was bowling in a friendly) so we headed home cursing her to check on poor Thai who was much better...

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