Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Week 9 : Me and John and Baby = Paperwork!

Today we met the midwife - a very nice happy woman who did her best to not let us have a word in edgewise. She spoke very quickly and didn't really explain things much (for example she went through a list of appointments that we would be having over the next few months and it was only because I asked that I found out that after the first two, which would get letters about, we would have to remember to book the others.

There was tons of paperwork to fill in - most of which she did - and, on top of copies of all that, we also had tons of paperwork to read through - magazines and vouchers and information about scans and tests and paperwork you have to take with you to the hospital and paperwork which you don't and paperwork which you may or may not need and on and on and on...

To add insult to injury, I had forgotten that I would need to give a urine sample and so only managed to squeeze out half a teaspoon, which was luckily enough to test. All in all, everything was ok - I have an appointment next week for a blood test and will have to see a consultant as I am overweight and due to Mum's blood pressure problem during her pregnancies but all in all things look rosy. We should get and appointment in the next few weeks for a scan at frimley (called the dating scan where they give you a definative - in so far as it can be - due date) - probably for sometime in the first week of september. We then can start telling peopole about the pregnancy and put poor mum out of her misery!

After the appointment we headed out to get an expanding folder to hold all the bits and bobs that we have been given and also pick up our freebie packs. Boots don't have any in and John is picky about the folder so we end up going to Reading and picking up one of the packs and a folder. We go to pick up the second pack but they only have ones that expire at the end of the month - not much use to us! I am flagging big time, so we head home and go through the ream of paperwork and open up the pack. I am not dreadfully impressed with the contents - there are vouchers for nappies (but we have decided to use reusable nappies), vouchers for pregnacare cream (which I bought about an hour ago), a pack of nappy wipes which are useful, a pack of Ovaltine (which I feel is stretching the pregnancy theme a little), a cardboard "frame" for a scan picture, baby book, a DVD leading you the stages of your babies development and a CD with the sounds that you baby hears in the womb and suggested music to play to your baby, a magazine and a LOT of advertising bumpf. I was less than excited by the contents, maybe the other one will be better when we pick it up...

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