Friday, 1 August 2008

Week 8 : I am having a baby!

Yesterday morning, when I went to the loo, I found I had a tiny amount of dried blood. I immediately turned to the Internet and found that bleeding, though not considered "normal" is common and not really anything to worry about unless it is continuous, heavy or fresh. I decided not to panic and there was no more blood during the rest of the day so I put it out of my mind. Next morning, however, more old blood, and what is more, yesterday and today I had no morning sickness at all. I decided to give the doctors receptionist a ring as soon as the office opened and see if she thought I should pop in for a checkup.

They got Dr Newton to give me a ring and, after a quick chat, she concluded that there was probably nothing to worry about but it was policy to send any women in the first trimester who was having bleeding to the early pregnancy unit to have a scan. I rang to make an appointment while she made out the request form and then I gave John a ring to let him know what was going on. As soon as he heard, he decided he would head home to go with me. The appointment wasn't until 2.30, and I did fairly well, stayed quite calm and not too unhappy, but in my heart of hearts I was sure that this was it and kept comforting myself by repeating, well it might have taken some time but we got pregnant once, we can do it again...

John, however, was a mess when he got home - very upset and worried. He arrived in plenty of time but I had been drinking water all morning in order to have a full bladder for the scan and had over done it so was desperate for a wee and it was ages until the scan! I decided to give in, have a wee, then drink loads of water so I would have a full bladder again. We also needed to nip to the doctors and pick up the form that the doctor had completed, so a quick wee and a drink and off we went.

The doctor not only had the form but also John's prescription ready too so we then went on to the chemists to drop it off. When we got back, we didn't have long before leaving so John grabbed some very smelly pizza for his lunch and I got to drink fluids. Half way through the first glass, the combination of smelly pizza and morning sickness hit and so I threw up all I had drunk (almost putting John off his lunch)! So now I had to drink WAY more water so I drank a glass while pouring a bunch of squash into a bottle and we finally set off to the doctors, me sipping all the way.

I was feeling fairly rough by now, but the people at the early pregnancy unit were lovely and soon got us signed in and within 1/2 hour we were asked in for the scan.

Later watching TV, John mentioned that a woman looked like the lady who did the scan but I was so worried and caught up it could have been the incredible hulk welding the unit and I wouldn't have noticed!

Before I knew it, the operator had splooshed warm gel on my tum and was having a good look inside. It seemed ages, but was probably just seconds, before she let us know that the baby was just fine and the cervix was closed and the baby's heart was beating. Having said that, all we could recognise on screen was a small blob in a dome shaped cavity with a small white flicker, which she assured us was a heart beat. For £2, we could have got a picture but at the time were so het up and worried that we didn't ask for one - I do wish we had now but never mind, it was not recognisable as a baby yet anyway.

Before we knew it, I was able to head for the loo and then to meet the doctor who just confirmed that everything was fine and not really to worry. I grinned like a moron all the way down to the car, where I burst into tears of relief and sobbed for about 5 minutes while poor John tried to work out what was wrong.

I was starving, having not eaten since breakfast so we headed off to get lunch but, in revenge for the non-existent morning sickness the day before, it attacked again and before I could eat I had to throw up, as quietly as possible, in loos.

Between lunch and bedtime, I then had to wee 12 times to get rid of all the water I drank and felt awful all day long, but emotionally, I had seen the baby so was over the moon! Up til now, despite the morning sickness, mood swings and being SO tired, it didn't really feel real and I had half convinced myself that I just had a strange tummy bug, but now I have a BLOB (er, baby)!

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