Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Day

By this is attempt number 3 to record Christmas Days events as everytime I save in order to go pick up a small screaming child, or to nip to the loo, save some reason doesn't work so I lose my previous entry.

Christmas Day for us started very early as we hadn't yet got to bed when midnight rolled around but father Christmas agreed to return whence he had finished the rest of Britain's presents so we had a cup of tea and admired the tree. He was soon round to drop off the presents, and decided to leave Nathan's stocking in our room rather than more risk waking him up when he was so very tired.

Next morning Nathan slept quite late, Something that we were very grateful for. When he finally appeared we bought him into our room to open his new stocking.

The excitement was too much, so then Nathan went for a quick romp around the bed.

Particular hit with this jingle bell rattle,which Nathan played with on and off all morning

But it was soon time for breakfast, which was croissant and Pain au chocolat and Nathan thoroughly enjoyed his as can be seen by how much he spread it around his face.

Haven't eaten we then got down to the true business of the day, opening presents! Firstly, there was such a big pile, that Nathan just had to crawl into them.

And then just sat and watched them in awe.

Finally we got opening presents.

Nathan had a quick play with his toys but it soon became apparent that he was still very tired and not totally happy. So rather than we decided to have a quick snack lunch and have Christmas dinner instead a good choice as it turned out that Nathan was teething and didn't want to eat anything .

So after a quick bottle of milk we popped back up to bed For a nap and John and I settled down for a nice little cuddle on the sofa which immediately sent John to sleep. Later Nathan came down and had another play with his toys, a little bit happier than beforeBecause his new seventh tooth had cut through

He then had a quick tea and then went back to bed for a nice long sleep and John l and I weren't far behind him.

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