Sunday, 28 March 2010

Friends to visit and Nan's birthday

Well, a tiring but satisfying weekend. We spent Saturday morning mostly vegging then dragged ourselves up and did some quick tidying in preparation for Paul and Lauraine's visit. It was lovely to see them again (and a good excuse for indian takeaway). We watched "Something, something, something, Dark side" which was brilliantly funny. Unfortunately they couldn't manage pudding so we are sadly left having to eat them ourselves. Funnier was Nathans reaction in the morning when Paul and Lauraine came out of the lounge during his breakfast (they had arrived after he was in bed). He then preceded to steal of their breakfasts and keep us entertained. (Unfortunately I didn't think to take piccies). We then had to rather rudely push them out of the door as we had to leave to go the Nan's 83rd birthday meal at the Worpelsden Place hotel. We got there a bit early and Nate was asleep so we drove round for a bit to let him sleep more.

Here I did take pictures but due to not using my camera in ages, mucked up a load of the settings so they aren't great (and the battery was low so couldn't take many) , luckily Dad took pictures which are WAY better than mine. We have a lovely meal and Nate despite being tired and a bit bored was pretty well behaved, and jept everyone entertained by walking across the table and throwing himself at people. (As you can see, he still has a bit of carpet burn on his nose due to his face plant the other day)

Dads photos:

The aunties etc. went back to Nans for coffee but we headed home for naps (me and Nate while John did "man stuff" in his shed).

Sorry this doesn't really do the meal or the weekend much justice but I a tired and have a slight head ache so struggling to be incisive and witty ( more so than normal).

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