Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mothers day weekend

Started early, Mum and Dad wanted to go to Gunwarf Keys so off we went... We started as we intended to go on with a coffee and sarnie. Nathan charmed all the old dears in the place. We then headed next door to a great shop, books combined with knick knacky type stuff. Nathan got a bunch of books, some finger paints and most importantly a monkey hand puppet which he loved! We then ambled round, got Mum some new shoes while Nate played with his monkey (snigger)

and then headed to get something to eat, only stopping to admire the ships.

We then had another wander round M&S and the important shop - the cadburys shop! Nate had a nap

After trying to eat in the cafe under the spinnaker we then headed for the italian kitchen (after dismissing maccyds as the food was too crappy and I wanted a proper meal). We shouldn't have bothered the food was slow to come and awful. Still Nate liked the balloons:

We then picked up some Krispy Kremes and headed home singing possibly the longest and weridest version of "the wheels on the bus" most of the way.
Friday was our regular swim day. Unfortunately my Nan has a cold so wasn't up to it but we had a lovely swim, followed by an exhausted little boy cuddling with his grandad while Mum and I finished getting ready.

Then a trip to Macdonalds (Nathans first one but after the rubbish of the Italian kitchen we wanted some quality food) and himself got a happy meal with penguin binoculars (how cool?)

When we got back, I was so tired I dozed on the sofa while Mum and Dad entertained the moster. I was off to bed fairly early and slept like a log.

Good thing too as the next morning we were up erly dropping Nate at Mums and headed to croyden to try out the tagalong bike. It worked great so we then headed to ikea to look at beds (ours is getting old and doing my back in). We then dashed to meet up with Sam to sort things out for tomorrow. To make sure that Nate got enough sleep he and I stayed over and John(who is a moron) got stuff ready until early evening and then, instead of coming over to Mum's to get an almost full nights sleep, watched football so would have to get up at around 4am in order to be ready in time for the morning.

Mothering Sunday, I got up to the loo at 6am beating Mum's wake up call by around 2 minutes. We let Nate sleep and had breakfast but when John turned up Nathan was just stirring so had a morning cuddle with his dad while we got all zombied up...

Then Grandnanny Zombie found a boy in a box...

Then the zombies headed out in the beautiful morning with their non-zombie baby...

...and filming started...

Nathan was a harsh director...

But we were soon done for the day and headed back for a quick breakfast. Where Nate decided to try his hand at being a cameraman

We then headed home, looked after the dog, unpacked the car and then headed off to Cheddar Gorge. I took one picture and my camera promptly stopped working...

We had a great but extreamely tiring day at Cheddar gorge despite being unable to find anywhere to eat a meal as we instead had a nice sarnie in the chilly sunshine. We then wandered round the caves and browsed the shops, ate chips and icecream then headed home to SLEEP!

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