Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Swing, swinga, swing, swing, schhhWING!

So, today I had 2 trips to the docs to do - one for me and one for Nathans vaccinations. We were up very early to get to my appointment so on the way home we stopped at the swings but it soon started to drizzle so we quickly headed home. However, it had brightened up a lot when it was time for Nathans vaccination so I grabbed my camera and some chocolate and we headed off. The vaccination itself wasactually far more traumatic for me than Nathan - I was stil sniffing as we left for the park but Nate was completely over it already. So, having been such a star, he deserved another go on the swings...

As usual, boy plus camera = way to any photos - this is a selection of my favorites... (But I could have included loads more!)

We had to go to the supermarket in the evening - unfortunately we ha to wait for John to get back from work so Nathan was up WAY after his bed time and we hadn't been there long went a cobination of his cold and the vaccination gave him a bit of a temperature and started him coughing so we dosed him on calpol and cough medicine and his temperature went down and did really well with only a little complaining and was straight off too bed when we got home...

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