Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Week 22: Election Fever

I am not well with the horrendous cold that had me up 4 times in the night to cough my lungs up so have spent the best part of the day (except for my trip to the dentist) watching the coverage on the US elections on BBC 24. It is really interesting to contrast the coverage of the BBC, which seems objective and based on reporters observations, and CNN's coverage which seems overly sentimental and a bit scattergun like. I am quite energised by the prospect of Obama becoming president - the atmosphere is very exciting but I can't help but be a little nervous - after all they though Kerry would take it and then George W got back in to everyone's dismay. Hopefully the Americans will see sense and vote in, what seems to me anyway, the only way that they can if they are to salvage their world-wide reputation, even if only in a small way...

On the pregnancy side, I had the first cup of coffee since getting pregnant today (JJ's fault - he sent me this article which started me craving after having quite easily given up coffee completely up to now) and I really shouldn't have bothered - it gave me a massive headache and the baby almost immediately obviously got the caffeine hit as it decided to demonstrate its tap dance technique. I shall leave it, except for the occasional coke, until after the baby is born to venture to Starbucks I think...

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