Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Week 25 : It's all coming together beautifully

At the weekend, John's Mum gave us her dining room furniture as she had decided to replace it with some new lighter colored bits. After a lot of work on sunday, we kinda managed to get them into place (we had to deconstruct the cupboards we had there and store them so JJ can have them in his shed next year) and the dining room began to look more like a dining room and less like a storage room. I spent all Monday tidying and it looks even better (and strangely bigger even though the units are a similar size) and then on Tuesday our new dining room table arrived. It was bigger than I remembered (good thing we did go for the other one we were considering or it would have been HUGE) but in celebration at having a dining room back we celebrated with homemade pizza...

As you can see, John was really impressed at having to wait for his pizza and I haven't quite finished dejunking the dining room - the wire basket and stuff behind the table are all empty and just need storing somewhere and underneath it are picture frames waiting to go on the wall. (Not the best pictures ever - I had the wrong lens on but the food was getting cold so didn't want to spend time swopping things round).

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