Monday, 17 November 2008

Week 24 : On the up

OK so after my last miserable post I am feeling much more positive. I had an evening of irrational anger on Friday (nothing I could do would calm me down and I wasn't really angry at anything in particular - it was quite perculiar) but on Saturday we at least made a start on organising - John tidied the loft so we could pop more stuff up there to store and then in the evening he suggested getting a dvd (something we haven't doen in ages) and we watched the new Indiana Jones which was silly but very enjoyable.

On Sunday I had great plans, but we sat down to eat breakfast and scrapheap challenge was on so we ended up watching until 4, when we headed off to Chris's to make this years christmas cakes. We had a very pleasant evening, playing with the dog and mixing fruit but we had to leave before the cakes were down as we had a way to go and the dogs needed feeding. I did feel a bit bad as baby talk pretty much dominated conversation as I haven't seen any of them since we knew, but I don't think I was toooo bad and did TRY to not chat about the baby too much. We will be going back later to decorate the cakes, so I need to dig out some decorations at some point and need to make the christmas pud next weekend, ready for next year (Mum has kindly donated her recipe).

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