Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Week 23 : Downhearted, dispirited and downright miserable...

Well, not a good day today. Was feeling good when I got up - had maybe coughed only once or twice and was feeling properly human. Packed John off to work and sat down to a hard boiled egg and wholemeal toast, which was delicious, and to watch the news. Finished breakfast, reached for my glass to take a swig and immeadiately, without any warning, threw up. I then threw up another 4 times between the lounge and kitchen sink, in the dining room I threw up, trod in it and skidded into the hall and finally made it to safety. I then threw up until I was just dry heaving.

Clean up was easier than it would have been as I forgot that Thai will eat anything and by the time I had washed my way back to the lounge, she had eaten the worst of it. Hopefully, it was just a pregnancy puke and nothing worse that is going to make her ill too.

It is SO demoralising - I spent the most of the first 4 months throwing up everyday, as I came out of that I caught a cold that made me throw up at least once most days until about a week ago and, yesterday afternoon, I finally started to feel like I was over the worst of it for the time being and had a brief burst of energy, putting up curtains and tidying the lounge, giving the kitchen a once over and actually cooking a proper meal instead of the quick rubbish that we have been eating up to now, only to find that today I am back to square one.

I am feeling down and miserable - everyone I speak to or read about seems to have had an easy pregnancy, sick once or twice in the first trimester and then a fantastic burst of energy and happiness in the second trimester. I am now over half way through my second trimester and still feeling crappy. I am almost angry and feel cheated of the pregnancy I should be having (silly I know). My one consolation is , when I was sick, I managed to hit Johns precious slippers!

To add insult to injury, the program that was on after the news has a really awful chavy couple and they had the same curtains and curtain pole that I just put up yesterday.

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