Wednesday, 15 October 2008

WEEK 19 : Consultancy sucks

So today I had my appointment at the consultants. John wanted to come along so came home early and we set off with plenty of time and stopped off to grab lunch on the way. We then queued for 25 minutes to get into the car park, before I got out and John queued for a bit more before meeting me in the ante-natal care reception. Luckily they were running late so he didn't miss anything. They took my sample away to be tested and a midwife chatted to us for a bit before the consultant came through. He had a very strong accent so it was hard to understand him but basically there had been a minute trace of glucose in my urine so they need to inform the midwife and I have been told to EAT HEALTHY from now on :( And we just bought two boxes of whispa bars!
Once the consultant was done the midwife came back and explained they were going to be testing me for diabetes in the week before christmas and gave me a glucose drink that I have to starve for and then drink the drink and be tested within 2 hours of drinking. I was quite down after that so John spent the afternoon trying to cheer me up bless him.

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