Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Week 21 : And ICE!

The next morning the snow is still here but with the addition of ice - the temperature had gone up during the night and then dropped again so the snow was rock hard. I took both monsters out in the garden to play and suprisingly even Thai chased snow balls for a bit - normally only Sherbs favorite game. Sherb, having chased snow balls was still so excited that he spent a while alternating between barking his approval of the snow and dashing about like a maniac!

I had the anomaly scan in the morning (after chipping our way into the car) - a longer scan than previously but the baby was in an awkward position so although we managed to check all that needed checking we didn't get great pictures. We did see all four chambers of his heart beating away, his spine and developing teeth and John has decided it is a boy but I saw nothing that I thought suggested that.

Mum and Dad got back from holiday last night - a bit of a shock to come from sunny Tenerfie, expecting a mild autumn and to be greeted by snow. They had the day off before going back to work tomorrow so we all went out for a long lunch which was nice and then went back to ours for a cuppa.

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