Wednesday, 22 October 2008

WEEK 20 : German Realisations

We were in Germany this weekend, visiting John's Dad. Unfortunately, the night before we left I developed a sore throat and coughed and sneezed all weekend, but it was good to see him looking so well and so happy. We had a good visit, John helped him buy a laptop and then taught him to use it all weekend and I mostly red my book and made a fuss of his dog, Rambo. To our suprise and delight, Imyra presented us with a fair amount of money for getting ready for the baby which will make things a lot easier but I will still be trying to get some stuff second hand rather than waste.

On the plane home I was tired and emotional and in pain and ill so had a pregnancy moment that resulted with me in floods of tears while poor John tried to calm me down.

The next day we ordered a Maclaren Techno XT Buggy from mothercare (it was on sale and we weren't sure how long the offer would last) and I am extreamely over excited about it!

The baby is becoming more active and seems to be most active around 10.30-ish, enough that John could clearly feel the baby twitching as last night it spent about 10 minutes kicking the same spot. (Normally by the time he has got his hand in place, the baby has got bored and kicks another spot or falls asleep). It is apparently the size of a large honeydew melon now! Also on the pregnant side of things I have come to a number of realisations over the last few days :
1. I can no longer see my feet in the shower
2. The water no longer covers my bump in the bath and
3. I can't shave my legs in the bath anymore as the bump gets in the way...


But on the bright side of things, on Saturday we are officially half way through our pregnancy - Yay!

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