Friday, 24 October 2008

WEEK 20 : Rhino Dreams

I am having a bit of trouble at the moment - the babys movements are getting stronger and easier to feel and every time I feel it I want to tell EVERYONE and am having to resist posting every time it happens. So instead I shall record my poor dad's misfortune...

He and Mum are on holiday at the moment and on Monday night Dad dreamt that he was in an enclosure with a rhino and that it was charging him. He started to climb the wall but realised that the horn would still reach him, so gave one last heave to get over the wall and in doing so fell out of bed and hit his head on the bedside table, cutting the skin by his eye. Mum was woken by a ginormous yell and pools of blood everywhere. He is now sporting a shiner, poor sausage...

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