Sunday, 14 December 2008

Week 27 : Cakey goodness

"24 Reasons why I love you
Number 14

I love you because... you you let me laugh at your silliness."

Of which there obviously is not much...
Tonight all the neighbours got together at Phil's to decorate the cakes that we had made last previously. There was a bigger turn out this time - the steeds, the woodgers, all the munneries, Mum, Dad me and JJ. Mum supervised in the kitchen (not a phrase that gets said often) and made the marzipan and icing then we all got stuck in and decorated the cakes. Soph and Claire had a beheaded snowman on theirs, steve embedded a gnome in the side of his so it looked like it had been fired from a canon, John did a much maligned penguin face on the top of his that I thought looked great and everyone else ridiculed and I found an astronaut at the bottom of the decoration box so made a christmas tree alien to go with it. I was a bit miffed though when I realised not only could I NOT EAT THE MARIZPAN (a fate worse than death) but I also couldn't eat the icing either! Very annoying! Anyway, it was a good evening and I was pooped by the end of it.

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