Friday, 19 December 2008

Week 27 : Romancing the Stone

"24 Reasons why I love you
Number 19

I love you because... you humour me and my attempts to be romantic."

He is actually very romantic, just not in the conventional sense, mostly because I really don't appreciate the normal run-of-the-mill romantic gestures.
Anyway, I gave him a lift to work in the morning and stopped off at the parents office just to say high and then headed home. It was only a few hours before I then had to set off to pick him up again. On the way home we had to stop off at mum and Dad's (house this time) as I was desperate for a wee and John managed to fix the setup of the TV, rerouting ariels so that they could get terrestrial AND digital where previously they could only get digital. We then headed home, picking up chinese on the way and watched Elf which we hadn't seem before and was very funny.

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