Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Week 25 : A typo

"24 Reasons why I love you
Number 2
I love you because... you are my intellectual equal."

Awwww - this one is very touching as he knows that I value intellect highly BUT I think it is a little telling that he has obviously got the word equal confused with superior... Nevermind, we can't all be as perfect as me :D

This morning I walked up the the doctors for my 25 week checkup. It was a beautiful morning - frosty but the sky was blue and the sun was shining and I was wearing my new hat (doesn't take a lot to please me really). The doctor checked my blood pressure and felt the bump and all was OK with the monster and, gratifyingly, he pronouced him spot on the right size for his age. He also weighed me and I am still 5 kilos lighter than when I first got pregnant, which is nice. It seem like a strange method to diet, but being pregnant seems to work for me! (Of course the monster is now mostly concerned with bulking up ready for birth so I don't expect it will last). The only downside is that I may have the beginnings of a urinary infection and the doctor wanted a second sample, so, of course, I could NOT pee for love nor money. I think I will have to hand in my sample tomorrow as it has to be in by 3 and it is 2 now and I still don't need to go despite drinking loads.

Having got back, I played with the horrors in the garden for a bit but it clouded over and got very dark so I decided to tackle the freezer. It hasn't be defrosted in yonks so the ice so beginning to stop the door from shutting properly and it had to be approached while wearing a full hazmat suit with decontamination procedures in place for immeadiately afterwards... It tooks ages - a full two hours but now, with the new drawer fronts too, it looks like new - sparkly and clean. I would be proud to let James T Kirk get a lolly from the freezer now...

Now I best get on and do the paperwork that I have been avoiding all morning. *sigh*
EDIT: OOOOOO - I just took delivery of a baby car seat and seat base. John's mum kindly said that she wanted to get the car seat for the baby so I had been having a rummage round the depths of the net to see if I could get the seat we wanted at the best price, eventually saving almost £60 cheaper AND, because we got it at Boots, getting tons of advantage points with it too which we can use later on for nappies etc which is nice.

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