Monday, 8 December 2008

Week 26 : Beowolf

"24 Reasons why I love you
Number 8

I love you because... you are a kind person."

MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! I have lulled him into a false sense of security. Any day now I will be ready to strike...
I realised this morning that on Saturday I entered trimester three! It seems like it was only yesterday that I was moaning that I couldn't feel the baby move yet, at the weekend I had to buy some dungarees to accomodate the increasing bump! Helped Kristy with cutting words out of her essay this morning and then hopped into the shower. The moment my hair was wet, the guy that I sold my big box of star trek books to arrived to collect so I was half dressed and a bit flustered when answering the door and forgot to check the money he gave me so it was only once he was gone that I realised he had overpaid me. I checked with him and he said not to worry about the change as it wasn't much - bless him...
Last night, we watched Beowolf. I thought it was quite a good film but I did find it a bit disconcerting to be attracted to Ray Winstones character. Also, the accents were a bit off putting - the Danes all have wildly differing accents, as did the Geats and Grendel spoke in Old English which I could understand most of but John had problems with. I thought they stuck well to the spirit of Beowolf, even though they introduced additional elements (anything to crow-bar a sexy demon into it really) and removed some bits too, all of which made the overal story a bit more linked and coherent imho. All in all, it was very enjoyable as long as you weren't expecting a faithful recitation of the original legend...

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