Saturday, 13 December 2008

Week 27 : Final third here I come!

"24 Reasons why I love you
Number 13

I love you because... you laugh at my silliness!"

And boy does that mean laughing a lot.
Anyway, depending on which book you read, today (or next saturday) is the start of the last trimester. I am so fed up with being pregnant, I can't wait to have this baby!
The weather over night was absolutely awful -very very windy and stormy - I had to switch off the mega-sonic woof woof as it was so loud that it was setting it off. I headed for Brighton to pick up JJ and the weather was still awful and in a couple of places the motorway was so flooded traffic had to creep along. Once I had found him in a starbucks, we wandered a bit further down the road, leaning into the wind the whole way and found a little cafe to have some breakfast in. Once suitably fed, we headed home, JJ snoring most of the way while I drove.

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