Tuesday 30 September 2008

Week 16 : Every time that we meet I skip a heartbeat

Had my second midwifes appointment today. This was much more relaxed than before as there wasn't as much information to go through and it was a different, more relaxed and friendly. She was shocked that the first midwife hadn't given us contact details for the team in case of problems and went through that with me.

She also let me listen to the baby's heartbeat which she said was very strong and she was pleased that she didn't have to hunt for it. She thinks that the fluttering that I have felt is probably the baby moving as I thought and, as the heart beat is nice and strong and the baby moved a lot during the scans, that I will start to feel stronger movements quite early.

The only downside is I told John that he didn't need to come as it was just a check up and there would be nothing new at this appointment. Poor sausage.

Friday 19 September 2008

Week 15 : Baby Abroad

Well, we are off to France for a week tomorrow. I am nervous - I get travel sick and, although morning sickness is over, pregnancy rhinitus combined with post nasal drip means I am still being sick. We are taking the ferry as it is cheaper than flying or the Eurotunnel (and thank goodness we booked before the Eurotunnel caught fire so ahd no problem getting tickets).

Ah well, we are all packed now, nothing let but to wait...

Sunday 14 September 2008

Week 14 : Sick

Morning sickness seems to be wearing off but I am still very tired. Kirsty has been a coolio star recently - forcing me to de junk my study as John's study is becoming the baby's room and my study is becoming our study. However, we couldn't even get in the door of my study when we started as, when Kris moved back in with Mum and Dad so she could go back to college I stored a bunch of her stuff in there.

Last weekend we finally had filled my dining room with boxes so were off to a car boot. John and I had tried the weekend before but were told set up was at 11 and they were turning people away as they were full when we arrived and we then found out the car boot OPENED to the public at 11. We tried again this weekend, this time getting there at 10, queued for ages and still didn't get in! We had wanted to go to this one as it was under cover, but the weather wasn't too bad so we went on to another. We were very late arriving and as we pulled up people were asking if we had perfume or phones or records and on and on. We set up and sold loads really quickly and made a fair amount of money but as things were drawing to a close we still had a bunch of stuff left so started yelling at people that all was left was free and that they could just take it. We ended up with just a small box of junk that no one would take which headed to the tip. The weather turned out to be glorious and we were quite burnt at the end of it and poor Kris was on her last legs so she headed home to bed.

Wednesday 3 September 2008

Week 13 : Finally it's official

Finally we went for the first official scan at Frimley. We left early, planning to get breakfast first, but didn't recon on the early morning traffic so in the end have to go straight to the hospital. I drink water like mad to make sure I have a full bladder and then they called us in.

The baby performed like a pro - when we first saw him he was on his side so we got a beautiful view of his spine like a tiny zip running down his back and then he turned onto his side so that the operator could take the measurements of the nucal sac (he says the initial measurements are very promising) and we could have a good look at him/her.

We got three pictures this time, but unfortunately they aren't quite as good as the previous one and we didn't get one of his gorgeous spine which is a shame.


Having convinced myself, again, that everything was fine I burst into tears on the way home as obviously I was secretly convinced that it wasn't going to go right...

Poor John then had to go to a dentist appointment...
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