Wednesday 29 December 2010

Rubbish but amazing...

OK, yet again, I have been rubbish at keeping up this blog so I plan to go back and fill in past entries this evening but just wanted to wax lyrical about my wonderful parents.

Since before christmas I have had this cold that just won't go away. This morning they rang to see what I was upto today and, despite my snotty lurgyness, came along anyway (the pull of the grandchild is great for these ones..) So not only did we go out to get lunch, they then kept Nate entertained while I dozed off on the sofa for a couple of hours, Dad then not only packed the dishwasher and he then washed up the remaining bits that didn't fit in (I hadn't caught up from christmas). Meanwhile, I feel much better than I did (still swimming in snot but you can't expect miracles), my kitchen is nearly useable again ( though couldn't clean the oven, Dad?! Can't get the staff...) and Nate was plumb tuckered out come bedtime so just zonked out.

Add in that my hubby has just made a delicious tea -so a perfect end to a lovely day that I thought was going to be fairly miserable.

Sunday 26 December 2010

Boxing day at the parents...

We had a beautiful trip over to mum's through the snowy landscape, though technically not a white Christmas as it didn't snow on the day itself, the snow has lingered. Everyone has whinged about transport problems etc but for crying out loud it happens so rarely just enjoy it - after all it is super purdy!

We were greeted at Mum's with a ginormous pile of pressies

but Nate was fairly blasé about it - he had more excited things - his Aunty Titty! He was overjoyed to see her again and I think she was stunned to see how changed he was since last time she saw him (after all, Mum and Dad were and they had only missed a couple of weeks). Anyway, eventually, he got down to the serious business of pressie opening - accompanied of course by his beloved Aunty Titty, who further her popularity by setting the train under the tree going and putting it back on the tracks everytime Nate derailed it...

Nanny of course couldn't resist a noisy present and Nate was thoroughly proud when he got it to work, instead of trying to just making the noise with his mouth, with the harmonica in the vague vincinity.

Finally, he ploughed through and got to his main present from Nan and Grandad that was a HUGE hit (he calls it his moo bayshe) and everyone had to have a go.

During a very brief interval (Moon bases are the bestest, afterall), poor John (who is suffering from the horrendous cold) was pressed into boy entertainment service.

We then went on to eat our body weight in roast beef, potatoes and veg before the little monkey ran out of steam and we popped him into Mum's bed with the snowman that Aunty Sue had bought round for him (great to see her when she dropped off Cathy) and then welaughed like drains and played wii brain academy - I forget who won - I was reading Kristy's comic,but I suspect it was Kris and Cath. We didn't stay too late as both of us are feeling fairly rotten but on the way home we popped into see Glyn and Shona. The kids played gt5 while Nate opened his robot and Shona and I were amused by him pressing its head and then pretendingnot to be scared as it started moving while he backpedalled as fast and nonchantly as he could. We headed off fairly quickly to go home and collapse on the sofa in big snotty heaps.. All in all, it was a great day.
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