Friday 23 April 2010

A Cycle too far?

On New Years Eve, 2008, while 6 months pregnant, I suffered a major stroke and my left side was paralysed. In an instant, the lives of our unborn baby, John and myself were turned upside down.

Neither John nor I had ever considered the possibility that a stroke could affect a young person, but it can happen to anyone, even a baby. This is where the Stroke Association comes in. They aim to reduce strokes through research and education (as in the FAST television and poster campaign) and also help and support people and their families who have been affected by stroke. John, in particular, found the support offered my members of the Stroke Association community invaluable in helping us through this difficult time.

We have moved on a lot since that fateful day and feel we are in a position now to give something back to the stroke community and to help the Stroke Association with their work. To this end, John and I have decided to enter the Thames Bridges Bike Ride 2010. John and I will be cycling 30 miles and 13 bridges across London and hope to raise a whole heap of money for the Stroke Association! Because of my mobility problems it will not be possible for me to ride a bike by myself so the Wheels For Wellbeing charity are kindly hiring to us of one of their two wheeled tag-alongs (see the photo)! This will allow me to pedal along while attached to Johns bike. The two wheel layout means I don't have to worry about balance.

This is where you come in! We would really, really appreciate it if you would do here and sponsor our bike ride to help the Stroke Association help people not only like myself, but their families and everyone affected by stroke. I was lucky, John recognised the symptoms of my stroke and got me to hospital in the fastest time for the best treatment possible. Through the work of the Stroke Association hopefully more people will be aware of these symptoms and if needed, will be afforded the help they need to see them through their or their family members stroke.

If you would also like to donate to Wheels for wellbeing who are lending us the trike tag-a-long, you can do so


So, please give what you can, no matter how large or small, and help John and I give something back.

Now excuse me - I should really go do some training...

Sunday 4 April 2010

Easter Weekend

Firstly, some springy flower pics...

Right, the long weekend. On Sunday, Nate had a good haul of eggs and so after a boiled egg and soldiers breakfast we let him tuck in...

After a hosing down, we decided to head to the seaside as the weather was too good to waste (also because John was looking for a filming location)...

We had a reasonable meal and Nate carefully ate is peas one by one...

We then went for a wander

but got waylaid by crepes

But finally set off on our walk

We then found a playground and couldn't resist

In order to continue a theme we carried on but were waylaid by food again, this time hotdogs!

And ambled on

Just in case we hadn't eaten enough, ICECREAM!

Despite what these pictures suggest, we had actually walk a fairly long way (and eaten lots too) so we were fairly tired so headed home.
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