Saturday 31 October 2009

Oops forgot to mention earlier

John has uploaded the wedding footage. And if you haven't see the photos they are here.

A Legal child and a bat baby in training

So on Friday we went and reregistered Nathan so he is boringly legal now... Afterwards we headed to the shops to take something back and then as we were so near headed to Mum's to pick up my coat which had my camera in the pocket. The boys was now STARVING so we all decamped to the Grantley for lunch. Nathan was a bit stroppy (he had missed his nap afterall) but didn't kick up too much of a stink when he found the fishy whales he order were actually fishy rockets.

To make up for his bad behaviour he blew kisses a lot
something that grandad can also do

Asterwards we headed homewards via the supermarket to buy some pumpkins but could only find really little ones. Nathan can now easily sit in the trolleys but his feet are more fascinating than shopping...

Today after lunch Nate and I packed trick or treat bags (his help was invalueable). (yes the father christmas in the background is still there from last year - we aren't that organised)
His cold is still niggling so, we had planned to carve pumpkins with him letting play with the gucky innards but he had a second nap instead and was much better for it but we carved them for him (John did Nates) and a damned fine job we did too! Just as we finished Nate woke up and was very impressed with our efforts
Is there anything more threatening than pumpkins on wheelie bins?

In appreciation he got all dressed up!

Wednesday 28 October 2009

Oh Dear

2 worries... 1 - I have just discover Will Wheatons Blog which he started in 2001, sooooo I am going to be unreachable for a few weeks and 2 - I realised I haven't updated in ages and Nate is getting bigger and older all the time so I need to get on and update so.... a timeline withNates stuff in as I know you are only here for him(this means you Mum)!

23/2/09 - BIRTH!

1/3/09 - First bath

3/3/09 -Went "home"

9/4/09 - meets aunty crispy for first time and plays on play mat (from Paul and Lauraine)

22/03/09 - First Mothering Sunday - I get a dvd and an adorable card with Nates piccy on it and I celebrate with a trip to casualty followed by 2 weeks in hospital..

13/04/09 - Mum dad and crispy come over and do a fine job building a shed

22/04/09 - Nates first immunisations. I walk all the way there and cry all the way back - Nate is fine

27/04/09 - Nate get a new exciting bouncy chair to replace the one he HATES. He is over whelmed with excitement

30/04/09 - adoreably sleepy

29/04/09 - Nate manages to stay awake for more than five minutes in his bouncy chair and is stunned by the fun

13/05/09 - Nate slept an 8 hour night for the first time ( had been about 6 hours for about 1 1/2 months up to now)
22/5/09 - Boy proves to be too cute for own good...

19/05/09 - Nate goes to Tiny Talk for the first time
23/05/09 - And lures his daddy in with his good looks.. On his 3 month birthday!

24/05/09 - Experiences his first Bramley Fete and his fathers and families propensity for dressing in silly clothes.He also triede out his bumbo today

25/05/09 - Exhausted by yesterdays fete - sleep

26/05/09 - Gorgeousness on mum and dads bed -there are failing legs everywhere! Nate is 5.4 kg today!

31/05/09 - Nate finally finds the attraction of the drop-a-toy-and-get-daddy-to-retreive-it game
08/06/09 - Nate finally big enough to play with his thumper (from Aunty Crispy) - cuteness ensues! There were so many cute photos I couldn't choose so made a collage - click on it to get to the album of all the photos
10/06/09 - Nate has his first shampoo
11/06/09 - Nates first tooth can be felt(bottom front) . Sitting in bed reclining with Nanny he sits himself up for the first time
12/06/09 - Nate has a strop in his bumbo

13/06/09 - Nate rides his noble (but dumb) steed for the first time

19/06/09 - Nate starts to show off his culinary skills

21/06/09 - First fathers day - recieves all in one remote control and they celebrate by watching top gear together!
06/07/09 - Nate learns to blow raspberries... continually...
13/07/09 - 15lb 1 ounce
22/07/09 - Raspberries stop for a bit
23/07/09 - Nate is getting better and better at sitting up! Today he also started rolling with just a little help from his daddy... 5 months old! Nate has his first meal - Baby rice - not impressed!

25/07/09 - Nate goes to his first birthday party (jasmines) and eats ice cream, chocolate and cake - his first "real" food
27/07/09 - for first time tried to pull himself into a stand (manages with a tiny little bit of help)
31/07/09 - Babysat by Sophie for first time - John and I went to the cinema
10/08/09 - 16lbs!
21/08/09 - Nate managed a whole weetabix for the first time and Nate starting going to bed earlier (had been having a late last feed when we headed to bed ourselves)
23/08/09 - 6 months old!
25/08/09 - Nates first tooth can now be seen!
17/09/09 - Raspberries are boring now - sucking cheeks in and making sucking noises is the BEST!
18/09/09 - Stays night at Nannies
19/09/09 - Mum and Dad got married
20/09/09 - leftovers at Nannies
21/09/09 - Off on my first holiday
7/10/09 - Finally Nate was big enough for a highchair so has his first meal in it

11/10/09 - Kris has a belated 30th and off to uni year 2 party

12/10/09 - Nate is exhausted after yesterdays adoring public

13/10/09 - we get a flat tyre, miss the filming of buzzcocks, have the worst tgi fridays meal we have ever had and Pauline fails at babysitting

15/10/09 - BOUNCE

18/10/09 - Nate can now crawl backwards-ish - sandwiches are exhausting

19/10/09 - Nates tries his (a bit too big) coat bought for but never used in Switzerland and "walks" to bracknell center with mum and dad

23/10/09 - Nathan celebrates being 8 months old by mastering his sippy cup!

24/10/09 - Nate attends his first Barton Road christmas cake making - i take my camera but forget to use it
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