Wednesday 24 February 2010

Another Lazy Day

I didn't realise how exhausted I was after the weekend but ended out having another lazy morning - popped the boy in his new bathrobe (Thanks Nanny!) and played with him for a bit - Afterwards I felt a lot better so got on and tackled the washing in earnest. Be warned - this post is laregly an excuse to post pictures of Nate in his cute little bathrobe...

When John got home we opened another present - this time from Julian and Jenny but John will have posted a link to that... so I will at some point do a seperate post with all the present openings so people can see Nate open the present they got him...

Once Nate was in bed, John headed off to the south wesy berkshire film group (not sure if I got the name right) meeting as they have decided to film his script for their first short film...

Tuesday 23 February 2010

Nathans birthday

It was Nathans actual birthday yesterday.

Because things were so busy we had no time for presents in the morning so we decided to leave it until after work. We had a really great time at Tiny Talk, where he was one of 3 birthday babies (one of whom wasn't there and the other made me feel bad by inviting Nate to their party). After lunch Nate was exhausted so he had a nap. He got up around 3ish and was very grumpy and was the same for the rest of the afternoon/evening which was a shame after such a good morning. After his tea Nathan and I had some birthday cake - he hadn't had any at his party as it was too crowded to get his high chair out and too messy to just let him eat sat on the floor or on someones lap...

He may not look it but he was fairly pleased with the whole cake thing and quietly sang to himself while smooshing it between his fingers...

When John got home we gave Nathan our presents. Apparently the only way to play with mega blocks is to tip them al over the place. Unfortunately the shape sorter we got him was a bit annoying as the lid kept coming off with the slightests pressure but Nate like the Very Hungry Catapiller. He was very tired still so had a bottle of milk while John opened his cards and then headed off to bed - not the most exciting birthday ever but then as he has no idea what a birthday is not suprising really. Mum had intended to come over but had an awful cold so stayed at home to recuperate.

Today, as there was less going on, I have spent a while playing with him, letting him enjoy his toys while pootling round in his bath robe. Blocks are still not to build stuff with but for spread far and wide and then posting under the sofa...

Monday 22 February 2010

Post Party Clean up

well yesterday we threw the party of the year so today I basically did bugger all. I should have cleaned up etc but I just could not be bothered so basically sat all morning and watched Nate play with the balloons...

And play with the music set that I think either Dave and Mandy or Paul and Lauraine got him (I can't remember which)

I then spent around 20 minutes putting together the wooden garage that his Nan had bought him only to have him pull it apart in seconds...

Then John came home and had a cuddle and a play and agrred the garage needed glue...

Sunday 21 February 2010

Nathans 1st Birthday Party

So, it was Nate's first birthday is on Tuesday but it is a bit of an awkward day for a party so we decided to throw a party on the previous sunday. In true Juerss family style we only sent out invites only a few days ahead of the party but to our suprise most could make it so we went in to frantic action trying to tidy up a bit.

We had arranged to have lunch at the Golden retriever before hand with the Grandparents and great grand parents.

Pauline et al arrive around 11.30 and everyone decamped for a quick pee etc and we headed off to meet Mum, Dad and Nan. They had unexpectedly got there early so claimed a large table for us all.

Unfortunately, I then put the camera into my bag, where it migrated to the bottom and I then could not find it so I don't have any more photos of the actual party just a small bit of video. (so if any one has some I would love copies pretty please?)

Anyway we left while others were having coffe so we could pop nate down for a quick nap and start getting food ready (not tooo long a job as most was premade so just needed putting on platters). When the others got in from lunch we got our first hint that we may have invited too many people. Once they were all sat down almost all of the seats were gone. Luckily, John had wiped down some of the garden furniture and bought the chair down from Nates room so we did at least have some when people began arriving.

Both John and I thought that people would come in, be dismayed by the lack of room and just stay long enough to be polite and then leave but we were really pleased that people didn't start to make a move until early evening and indeed the last few were sat with us most of the evening. Nathan opened one present and then was bored with the whole thing so we decided we would leave opening more presents and spread them out over a few days... There were three cakes, as John had not had one yet and Mum's birthday is the day after Nates. I stupidly didn't think to get one for Lorraine whos birthday is the same day as Nates, still we are seeing them next weekend and I will have to make amends then.

Excuse the poor lighting and cameramanship as it was a bit cramped and I was filming often over my head so I couldn't see what the camera was pointed at.

All-in-all it was a great day for us - Nathan was mostly oblivious and just enjoyed getting underfoot and playing with the angelic Jasmine and Ashley - and a good excuse to see everyone again after the wedding.

UPDATE: I forgot to say but it really is worth mentioning - John basically did that Lion's share of the work re: tidying/food/acting as host so BIG hug to him - thanks darling!
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