Monday 30 November 2009

A relatively good week

Right time to drag myself out of the doldrums and get back to the important stuff ie piccies of Nate. Firstly just some general ones...

Nathan helping tidy the dining room

Mmmmmm... Pesto pasta...

Its a bit cold out there

Nan and Grandad kindly took me to physio the other day and popped in for a cuppa afterwards. Nate xmas tree had been delivered in a long thin box - cue endless hours of play. Stupidly I didn't take any pictures of Grandad building towers for Nate which he then gleefully knocked down. Ah well next time...

This weekend was a weekend of visiting the parents. On Saturday we visited Johns Mum and had a gorgeous roat chicken dinner. I didn't really think about my camera so only came away with one picture of Paulines quick thihnking to keep the boy of doom safe while he had a nap...

On Sunday we realised that it was 1st advent and, though we have all the bits, we hadn't made our advent wreath so John popped Christmas carols on and the whole family got to it.
Nathan the finally figured out that not only do the blocks come off the tower BUT you can put them back on too!

I have some more photos to add to this but they are on a different camera
We then eventually headed over to Mum and Dads for roast beef and advent calendars - I forgot to take piccie of any but Mum's

Then lots of piccies of Nate of course - Mum had got him some toys to play with at hers and put up the circus tent that she found a while ago - He loved them. also Nate had an advent calendar and 2 books - Thats not my Santa and thats not my Polar Bear - similar to hi up-to-now favorite Thats not my Car.

Many pairs of glasses were eaten

Then a new toof was discovered

Dad had to do his physio so Nate helped

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