Monday 14 February 2011

Valentines Weekend

We don't really do Valentines - John says its a silly holiday and that he tells me he loves me everyday anyway (sounds like a good excuse) but we did have a lazyish weekend. John went to his filming club on Saturday morning so , once we were finally ready

Nate and I walked to the supermarket, him pushing the buggy all the way, and then, after a stop off at the park, we headed back again to meet up with daddy at home.

Having worn Nate out he had a loooong nap so he would be ready for the evening then got up and had a quicknap to tide him over while Daddy snored too...

We then headed into the dark to Ian's 30th birthday bar-be-que.

Ian was very lucky with the weather, no rain and clear skies but not so cold as to make it uncomfortable to be outside. Nate ate his own body weight in bread and camembert

and took a liking to his Nannies hat

We grabbed some bits from the bbq and then took our very sleepy boy home to bed...

We were allowed to get up luxuriously late on Sunday, Nate and I headed downstairs around 9 for a quick plate of cooked mushrooms on toast and John joined us around 11. I hadn't really looked at the weather so just assumed it was as good as the night before and suggested a walk to Lilly Hill park to let nate get some exercise before lunch. It wa however gently drizzling in quite a persistant manner so we wrapped up and set off

Nate soon found a field with lots of molehills to stamp on

The only way to drag him away from this pursuit, was to offer to race to the little "housh", a shelter that has been added to the grounds since last time I was there

After some climbing there was some hiding (Daddy hid behind a tree and Nate stood beside it with his hands over his eyes)

By now Nate was getting tired and hungry so Daddy had to use silly walks to prompt him onwards
Once we got home, we jumped in the car and headed for the pub but then decided to go to the supermaret instead and to get the bits for a second breakfast and fishfingers for Nathan. While at the supermarket, we got Nathan a red nose for Red Nose Day:

To my shock, John decided to do the cooking himself and a damn fine job he did too

Having gorged ourselves, it was time for Nate to have a nap so John and I hada cuppa and some chocolate rich tea biscuits on the sofa while we watched Prince of Persia (a dire film but enjoyable if you disengage the brain) and basically vegged for the rest of the day...
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