Sunday 28 November 2010

Christmas starts here!

We did not have a nice night last night - John's snoring is waking the screaming boy of doom who then insists on getting out of bed and banging on his bedroom door and crying until I get up and put him back into his bed so John has had to sleep downstairs in the cold so we were all grateful for a relaxed morning this morning finally getting washed and dressed only to go to Bracknell to get a late lunch before the christmas lights switch on. We went to Mothercare to get a bed guard to hopefully deter Nate from getting out of bed in the cold night then really pushed the boat out and went to Burger King for a quick lunch. In a moment of indulgence we headed to costa for a latte (gingerbread latte is back, yum!) then ambled back to Charles square where we would meet the other members of Glee club UK. Nate wasn't too pleased when I headed off up onto the bridge but. once I was on it he was quite pleased when he spotted me and waved for a bit. In a nice contrast to Windsor we got to wait in the warm before being lead round the back passages, tunnels and airducts to Princess Square and the smallest stage in the history of stages... I strained my neck to try and see John, Nate, Mum and Dad but as we were so crushed in I couldn't see a thing - turns out I wouldn't have seen them anyway as John didn't listen when I told him where we were singing when.

Annoyingly, it is probably a good thing as the square was already packed but by being there early they got a prime spot so they were right in front. Unfortunately I have had problems with the films uploading so will have to finish this another time once my laptop is back from the shop.

Saturday 27 November 2010

Early adventy goodness...

We had a a gentle day, pootled around a bit, John carried on sorting out the computer while I gently tidied up bit. We took some bits to the tip beforing grabbing some lunch the wandering round homebase and looking at the christmas stuff. Once Nate was in bed I constructed our advent wreath while John went back to working on the the computer and eventually got bored so played gran turismo. The sound of car racing doesn't quite match the christmas carols that I had had playing up to that point...

Normally I pnly just finish our advent wreath minutes before we light it butI decided to make ours today as tomorrow the Gleeclub is singing at the christmas lights switch on in Bracknell in the afternoon and I wouldn't want to run out of oomph and not get it done. I amfairly pleased with the result (not the best but not bad) despite buying the wrong oasis (it didn't fit any of the frames that we have). The pictures aren't great as I was using John's hd video instead of my camera as it's card in full.

Friday 26 November 2010

A nice day with two boys and father christmas...

John had a couple of days holiday to use before the end of the year so decided to take today and Monday off for a nice long weekend. Almost didn't come off, he ended up working late last night to get some bits finished beforehand.

We had planned to go to Birmingham christmas market today but decided coming on on friday night with snow all across the country (except here, damn you mother nature!) so we are going to go on Monday instead and John came with Nate and me to playgroup. He pronounced it boring, something I have been trying to tell him for ages but he then decided that genetically, as a woman, I should like that sort of thing, so headed into the corridor to read all the info on the notice boardand check his emails on his phone. Nathan enjoyed it though. We then headed off to the Shepherd House and had a very relaxed and delicious meal (Nathan was tired but behaved very well, ate loads and drew some lovely pictures).

We went home and both my boys had a nap while I chatted to my sister on skype. When Nate started to wake up I poked John and we went to Longarces to buy some bits to make this years Advent wreath - this weekend omg - and to see Father Christmas.

The grotto was adoreable with a giant singing reindeer that Nates was besotted by - dancing along and smiling, until he had to walk past it when John had to carry him. Once in the grotto, it was very dark (I assume to prevent photos as they had a photographer) but Nathan was fine. Father christmas was lovely, giving us all a sweetie (Nate wouldn't take his so I got him one both times he was offer - the secons time he grabbed my hand and shoved it into the basket) and Nate got a snowman stocking and a present, which daddy took for him and helped him open. It had a white doggie whichNate was really pleased with, demonstrating that he knew what it was by barking and then giving it a kiss. Then came the obligatory sitting on the knee - Nathan tried to meld himself with John's leg so instead sat on his daddy's knee to have his photo.

Once we were one Nate was polite and said a lovely "bye bye" and cuddled and kissed his doggie all the way. We then bought the couple of bits for the wreath and some chocolate decorations and headed home, where John tried to give me a nice clean windows install on my desktop, but my computer fought back (he got there in the end though), before Nate headed to bed and we settled dowb to a peaceful night in front of the box.

Wednesday 24 November 2010

He's a very naughty boy

Nate has been stealing my camera recently so we now have several pictures of his forehead, the sofa, the ceiling etc etc. So here is a quick presentation of his masterpieces...

Oh what a beautiful mooooooorning.....

....and what a waste of an afternoon.

We had a particularly early start this morning, dropping JJ at the office at silly o'clock, and a wonderfully gorgeous morning it was. In fact, on the way home, as we weren't in a hurry, I stopped and took some piccies of the gorgeousness and, indeed, his gorgeousness.

We then had some breakfast before heading to playschool - Nate coloured christmas cards and was played beautifully with a little girl whose name I didn't catch, roaring at each other with dinosaur toys for about 20 minutes.

It was when we got home that things started to go downhill. After Nates nap we went to swimming only to find that when we got there I had forgotten my swimming costume. Getting home, I decided to fix y computer. After about 3 hours, I realised it didn't really need fixing in the first place. I then made Nate some thoast, knocked the jam out of the cupboard and smashed the jar. I then went to pick John up from work but forgot my mobile (needed to tell him I was there and waiting for him).
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