Monday 23 February 2009

The momentous day

Today my son was born - yup that is right SON!

Last night John and I packed up lots of my stuff so that it wouldn't get lost in the transfer between F14 and maternity. Dr Kirkpatrick popped in to check all was fine. John and I finally decided on a boys name - we had decided on a girls name quite easily but just couldn't settle on a boys until now. We won an actin for a stairlift so I can go home easily. I took my steriods and then had a bit of a breakdown as I realised I was gonna have to have an anesthetic which would make my legs go numb and in the back of my head I thought when it wore off that my leg would be back to what it was when I first had the stroke. Xena dropped off a cot and our clothes for the morning. John did his best to comfort me and in the end the midwife had to be called to calm me down. It turned out it was Georgina who was just about to go off on holiday and she stayed late to help bless her! Anyway John eventally left for home way after visiting hours had ended. I watched tv until about 2am then slept ntil the baby woke and bounced on my bladder at 5am. John was coming in at 7am to help me shower and get ready for when Xena came to get us at 8. He was a little late and so when he showed up we took piccies of my belly (not included here for the sake of the publics sanity!) and I hopped in the shower and we got dressed - me in a two gowns and John in scrubs.

John quite fancied himself in his scrubs!

I took more tablets and we then sat on the bed together for what seemed like 60 years until Xena appeared to take us to maternity.

The anethetist was a very nice scots bloke so John got ushed to the cornor while I had the spinal. He then came into theater to monitor me but I think mostly to distract us from what Dr Kirkpatrick was doing on the other side of the screen which he did admirably. Before we knew it, she was asking if we were ready to meet our son and then she lifted a very red and angry baby up but I could only see his head and chest so had to ask John the sex and when he said it was a boy I was comletely shocked and thought he MUST have got it wrong - I hadn't realised up to then that I was so convinced it was going to be a girl, particularly as we had refered to the baby as him up to now. But I had a son! He had a quick weigh and casme over to see us. Then Xena took him to the side to weigh him etc then we had him back.

From 20090223 - Nates first Birthday

From 20090223 - Nates first Birthday
From 20090223 - Nates first Birthday

From 20090223 - Nates first Birthday

From 20090223 - Nates first Birthday

From 20090223 - Nates first Birthday

From 20090223 - Nates first Birthday

From 20090223 - Nates first Birthday

Within minutes, the doctor had finished rummaging round my bits and we three were off to the recovery room. As you can see - I was fairly tired- my face was all droopy.

Nathan was also quite tired and after feeding he went to sleep for quite a while and John dashed home to have a shower and nap. I slept a lot and was a bit dazed at the prospect of having a son. At lunch I insisting on getting out of bed to eat (I had spent way too long in bed for the last 3 months and wanted to reassure myself that my legs were working). John was back after a while and my Mum and Dad popped in fora quick cuddle and to take some photos (which I must steal from them at some point but weren't allowed to stay long. John got in trouble as when he heard them coming, he grabbed Nate and went to rush out and show his pride and joy off but wasn't supposed to take him out of the room.

Sunday 22 February 2009


jjuerss (22/02/2009 07:55:07): morning monkey butt
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 07:55:15): morning
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 07:55:20): poo head
jjuerss (22/02/2009 07:55:24): how's you?
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 07:55:29): o'riely
jjuerss (22/02/2009 07:55:42): why?
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 07:55:43): annoyed even
jjuerss (22/02/2009 07:56:47): why are you annoyed?
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 07:57:28): woke up this morning with a sore throat and blocked nose - went 2 graba drink and a tissue only 2 fiund night staff have moved my table over night - dropped myglass of water on the floor and mopped it up using what remasined of my tissuesand thrown away the cup so i can't do either
jjuerss (22/02/2009 07:59:26): 25 hours!!!!!!
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 07:59:35): arghhhh1
jjuerss (22/02/2009 08:00:00): I see you managed to post a message
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:00:13): TWICE
jjuerss (22/02/2009 08:00:40): how on earht did you manage that?
jjuerss (22/02/2009 08:03:03): oifc
jjuerss (22/02/2009 08:03:06): oic
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:03:15):
jjuerss (22/02/2009 08:03:49): did you see I added a photos page?
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:03:55): yup
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:04:08):
jjuerss (22/02/2009 08:04:27): did it work for you? Should be the 3 scans
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:04:43): it did work yup
jjuerss (22/02/2009 08:04:50): cool
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:04:59):
jjuerss (22/02/2009 08:05:13): what do you think of the gallery?
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:05:16): drugds r late so is breakfast
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:05:27): very good love
jjuerss (22/02/2009 08:05:52): maybe you should buzz the nurses as you need to get your injection on time especially this morning
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:06:22): or i could KILLTHEM ALLLLLLL
jjuerss (22/02/2009 08:07:01): thats a bit extreme
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:07:10): nah
jjuerss (22/02/2009 08:08:00): do you like the way I rearranged the front page?
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:08:07): yup
jjuerss (22/02/2009 08:08:39): I woke up at 4am with baby thoughts and couldn't get back to sleep!
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:09:46): awww - i woke at 5 same problem but soon replaced by annoyance
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:10:08): well we now know y they are late - dave is on this morning!
jjuerss (22/02/2009 08:10:42): seriously, I think you should buzz. Timing is critical
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:10:54): i have buzzed they r coming 2 me next
jjuerss (22/02/2009 08:11:01): ok
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:12:48): Hello Lydia 37 weeks pregnant Only two weeks or so to go! This week, your baby is busy shedding his downy coating of fine hair (called lanugo) and his coat of vernix caseosa — the cheesy substance that protects his developing skin. Your baby swallows both of these secretions, which stay in the bowels until birth. Then your baby will excrete a blackish waste called meconium that becomes his first bowel movement. Meanwhile, you may be feeling huge — and increasingly impatient. But try to get as much rest as possible — even if sleep is difficult, you'll appreciate it after the birth.
jjuerss (22/02/2009 08:14:06): mmmmm, cheesy coat
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:17:33):
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:17:40): injection done
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:17:58): ouch - it hurt
jjuerss (22/02/2009 08:18:20): awwww, poor you kiss it bettre
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:18:40): i can't reach!
jjuerss (22/02/2009 08:18:48): no you dumbo
jjuerss (22/02/2009 08:18:59): I kissed it better for you!
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:19:01):
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:19:05): oic
jjuerss (22/02/2009 08:19:08): with the
jjuerss (22/02/2009 08:19:14):
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:20:55): deart god - shewasn't going 2 give me my 2nd injection this ,ormimg
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:21:51): i had 2 remind hre - it is all written down ffs
jjuerss (22/02/2009 08:22:36): 2nd injection?
jjuerss (22/02/2009 08:23:09): you only get one 1
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:23:16): the normal one +steriods as an injedction as they were out of tablet so jhad to b an injection
jjuerss (22/02/2009 08:23:23): oic
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:24:16): it hurt
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:26:16): A boy's testicles will have dropped into the scrotum and a girl's breasts may be swollen due to the hormones, but will flatten after birth. Your baby is now very close to fu
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:26:32): full-term height and weight. Your baby's fingernails are getting long and may even have scratched her face.
lyonesseuk (22/02/2009 08:28:28): the ask baby email is about antenatal depression - bit late at this stage!

Saturday 21 February 2009

What Lydia Missed Out

I think Lydia missed some pretty vital info between her last two posts. She got as far as telling us that I got her to hospital and in the next post we're happily strolling round Virginia Water.

What transpired between these events was that Lydia had suffered a major stroke.

Between then and now was a period of time the likes of which I would never want to experience ever again. But it HAS happened so we have to deal with it and move on. The baby is OK and Lydia is making a good recovery, what happened to us is shitty but it could have been a lot worse. What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger and bizarrely enough I feel our relationship has grown better and stronger because of what has happened to us.

Things are going to be just fine, and as for the company accounts that I was supposed to do today? I'm doing them tomorrow... honestly!

Oh, and check out the baby website I created here!

a perfect day

John arrived early this morning got me into the shower (whilw we both boggled at the thought of two days until baby day!)and dressed and we headed off to Asda to get some breakfast and passport photos for my disabled badge.

We had bacon baps in Asdaand then popped into the center to get some cards then headed off home. We let Mum and Dada know we were on our way they had been out spending money like mad and had popped to Nans for a cuppa. We got home and sat on te sofa with a cuppa ourselves which was a relief for my poor bumthe sky was blue and the sun was shining and the company accounts were growling in the next room so John suggested as i had been inside for so long that we should maybe get some air so when Mum andDad arrived we persuaded them into a walk around Virginia Waters. We stopped at kfc to get some lunchand took it with us to the first free bench we came too - it was almost civilised! We headed to the right but got to the point where my chair couldn't go any furtherso we headed round the other way to the totem pole and beyonf up a steeep bit (poor John pushed me most of the wayand i think found achy muscles he didn't know he hafd!) we finally headed home and packed my and the basbies vag for Mondayand got back to the ward dead on 6.00.

I then had my 2nd to last evening injevtion andSue bought me some steroids to mature the babies lungs for Mondayto be taken at 8pm. I ate tea - tuna saladYUM!and John ate my cheese and biscuits and coffee choux bun to tide him over as ha was flagging after all that pushing! We then sat and watched the baby do an MC Hammer impression in my tum for some time,whhle we sang sleepy Jean to him, and chatted aboutMonday. I took the steroids and sent himselfhome poopedas he had bits to doo andI want him in one piece!

Monday 9 February 2009

new Years Eve : everything falls apart

well from this moment things r gonna go down hill so if you are looking for cheerful reading I would leave now.

New years eve-we we are off to meet friends that we haven't seen in years. Glyn an Shona are having smallish get together and we haven't seen them in SO l;ong I'm not even sure they have know that I am pregnant!we dash about, wrap their presents and by the time we step out the door I am feeling quite tired but fine - I put it down to not having a nap during the day - fast a prerequisite of my day at the moment. Before leaving i nick the dogs breath spray ( which is for humans but the only thing we have find that kills Thais death breath ) again nothing unusual - just the joys of pregnancy and use it on myself as I have been sick a couple of times that morning - again again nothing unusual - just the joys of pregnancy and we head out John is carrying a box with some bits in it as he heads to the car and as he gets ahead of me the handle rips and I try to shout after him to warn him. but what emerges is a slurred barely understandable mess, I try better - the words are in the right order but blurred into each other and I am suddenly SO tired so i close the door and start walking to the car mostly just to sit down.John turns to see what i am playing at and once I get to the car I just want to sleep and sit down - it occurs to me maybe e I have a stomach bug that is making me a bit off but I don't want to say we should miss the party as we haven't seen Glynn and Shona and the rest in SO long. John then as far as I was concerned at the time over reacts. John postulates maybe I am having an allergic reaction to the breath spray and after I attempt to strap myself in and fail, straps me in and insist that there is no harm in nipping by a&E - I still think he is overreacting but I just want to blow my nose and sleep so humour him.
He keeps insisting that I don't sit forward to get the tissues out of the side pocket and so stops my blowing my nose and I get more and more annoyed and tired. We head off to Frimley Park as it is on the way to Glyns and I try to sleep but John won't stop talking to me!
WE get to hospital and John parks up and I go to get out but nothing is working right - must be the stomach bug throwing off my balance and I still haven't blown my nose!He moves the car nearer the entrance and tells me to stay where I am and I vaguely remember being helped out of the car by John and someone I didn't recognise and next thing I am on a bed in a&e - the next lot is mostly a blurrof people asking annoying questions and interupting my sleep. I eventually begin to realise that something is properly wrong but I don't know what.
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