Sunday 20 September 2009

The Apocalypse is coming.....

"The first angel sounded:

And hail and fire followed, mingled with blood,

and they were thrown to the Earth.

And a third of the trees were burned up,

and all green grass was burned up. and all green grass was burned up.

And Lydia and John Finally got round to tying the knot!"

Yup that's right - we got hitched! The run up was rather hetic but a great day all-in-all. The service was wonderful despite my making a fool of myself by sobbing so I couldn't get my words out. The van was gorgeous (I thought I would not get John back into the reception).

John must sleep with his eyes open from now on after his speech, Dad's speech was full of lies and Glyns speech was a wonderful portrait of John's sporting prowess!

But I shan't pretend you are interested in us - so I'll get to the point - Nathan was an absolute ANGEL! He was passed from person to person and, apart from sneezing on my sisters cleavage during the service, barely uttered a sound and pretty much kept going until about 10 pm. He quickly went to sleep and John and I had a wedding night of my dreams - In seperate beds with a cot between us with a crying baby from 3am - bliss a whole duvet to myself!

Pictures to follow...

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