Tuesday 3 March 2009

Nate goes home!

We are mostly packed and getting read to go here - Nate is wearing an outfit that sayes "hello world" - we thought it fitting. We are going home to Mums for a bit to lewt me adjust to being one handed and a mum.

Sunday 1 March 2009

First blood and first bath and first meeting with crispy

Yesterday Nate had an injection and had blood taken from his heels. I was just getting over the sobbing (mine not nates) when the photographer showed up to see if I wanted his picture taken. She took a lovely shot and we will get them in the post later. Today the midwife came to demonstrate how to bathe Nate. Mum and Dad were there to take photos.

Nate was very good and actaly seemed to quite like it.

Earlier Nate hadaan explosive poo while John was changing his nappy - it shot ot and hit the end of the cot - had he been holding Nates ankles a little higher it would have gone over the edge and onto the floor. I laughed so hard I cried. Cris saw Nate for the first time on the cam today - everytime we spoke up to then Nate was asleep in his cot - I took some piccies earlier in the day with the webcam just in case. I was not at my most glamerous so here is a collage of my cutie with a monster holding him.

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