Sunday 21 December 2008

Week 28 : Only a little?!

"24 Reasons why I love you
Number 21

I love you because... you are a little kinky!"

What does he mean, "a little"!

Saturday 20 December 2008

Week 28 : No comment

"24 Reasons why I love you
Number 20

I love you because... put up with my family."

Kris was coming home from uni today - we had arranged to pick her up at 1.00. True to form, I quickly got a phone call from her saying she had arrived late at the station, jumped on the train and it had pulled away before she realised it was going the wrong way and she was heading to Edinburgh! I soon got her heading in the right direction and found the best train to get her home and so we just need to pick her up at 2 instead. We arrived at the station early as there was suprisingly little traffic so we sat and had a latte and Kris was along presently. Her first comment was to call me a tellytubby! Hurmph! This was better however than her next comparison to Mario - the things I put up with, just because I have dungarees...
We chatted all the way back to Mum's (despite JJ's attempt to kill us all at one point) and then spent a couple of hours chatting to mum and dad. Dad made us some lunch despite having already eaten himself and JJ set up the wii so Dad could play with the Wii fit. We soon headed home and I played with the monsters while JJ replaced the hard drive in the sky box with a massive one. Once it was done we went from having 16% free to 87% free, which was nice.

Friday 19 December 2008

Week 27 : Romancing the Stone

"24 Reasons why I love you
Number 19

I love you because... you humour me and my attempts to be romantic."

He is actually very romantic, just not in the conventional sense, mostly because I really don't appreciate the normal run-of-the-mill romantic gestures.
Anyway, I gave him a lift to work in the morning and stopped off at the parents office just to say high and then headed home. It was only a few hours before I then had to set off to pick him up again. On the way home we had to stop off at mum and Dad's (house this time) as I was desperate for a wee and John managed to fix the setup of the TV, rerouting ariels so that they could get terrestrial AND digital where previously they could only get digital. We then headed home, picking up chinese on the way and watched Elf which we hadn't seem before and was very funny.

Thursday 18 December 2008

Week 27 : Present tantrum

"24 Reasons why I love you
Number 18

I love you because... you tell me to calm down when I have road rage"

Tonight we made syrup for JJ's festive favorite - long island iced tea. JJ then decided to wrap my pressies and put them under the tree, but it took all evening and a lot of "sampling" of the LIIT so the evening ended with me having a tantrum. To be fair, I am on my own the majority of the time and to spend the evening on my own when I had been sick all day was just a bit too much to bear for my pregnant little mind. What is more, he then had the cheek to say that he would need a lift to work in the morning as he had drunk too much that night and wouldn't be sober enough to drive... *sigh*

Wednesday 17 December 2008

week 27 : Of which there are MANY!

"24 Reasons why I love you
Number 17

I love you because... you put up with my manic rants"

Tuesday 16 December 2008


"24 Reasons why I love you
Number 16

I love you because... you drive me home after a night out"

Generally while listening to a cacophany of "I luuurve you.... Leave me, I am useless... hic"

Anyway, JJ had the day off today as I had a diabetes appointment. I had to not eat after 10 the night before and then the next morning drink a lemony sugar potion. We then went to the hospital (and arrived very early as we had thought there would be more traffic) and they took my blood and then I went and wooofed down a bacon butty. Ahhhhh - so much better...

We waited a little while for the results and YAY! my blood sugar levels were spot on normal so no diabetes and I can eat all the mince pies I want! (Well, maybe not all but still - YAY!)

By that time it was a bit late for John to get back to work so we decided to do the christmas food shopping. We spent WAY too much money and bought way too much food but it was quite good fun and it wasn't until towards the end that I really flagged. We have decided on chicken cotlette with pigs in blankets and cheese (mice?) in blankets, in a white sauce with brocolli in white sauce, raum spinat, mash potato and roast potatoes and parsnips and to follow golden syrup sponge (JJ is having jam) with custard. I suspect we may explode...

Monday 15 December 2008

Week 27 : Christmassy midwife

"24 Reasons why I love you
Number 15

I love you because... you know how to make me feel better."


Midwifes appointment today - I headed for the doctors at 10 got there and found my appointment was in the afternoon. *sigh* I was just about to set off to doctors a second time when I got a call to say the midwife couldn't make it and I would have to go to the hospital instead. As I have no way of getting there easily I rebooked for next week (My appointment was supposed to be that next week anyway but I was told to book it for this week so I didn't come in on christmas week).

When John got home this evening we popped up the christmas tree - we had to remove a section of the sofa in order to fit it in! We went a bit over the top with christmas chocolates this year - we bought some in Germany, then forgot about those and bought more in the local garden center so so far there are only half of them on the tree. The tree looks really good this year - John spent ages positioning the lights and we popped the decs on with a new angel on the top - it is metal and quite swish (I didn't like it at first but now it is on the tree it looks good). It has cut out bits so JJ popped lights up inside so it twinkles with the lights. I'll post some pictures when I am more organised...

Sunday 14 December 2008

Week 27 : Cakey goodness

"24 Reasons why I love you
Number 14

I love you because... you you let me laugh at your silliness."

Of which there obviously is not much...
Tonight all the neighbours got together at Phil's to decorate the cakes that we had made last previously. There was a bigger turn out this time - the steeds, the woodgers, all the munneries, Mum, Dad me and JJ. Mum supervised in the kitchen (not a phrase that gets said often) and made the marzipan and icing then we all got stuck in and decorated the cakes. Soph and Claire had a beheaded snowman on theirs, steve embedded a gnome in the side of his so it looked like it had been fired from a canon, John did a much maligned penguin face on the top of his that I thought looked great and everyone else ridiculed and I found an astronaut at the bottom of the decoration box so made a christmas tree alien to go with it. I was a bit miffed though when I realised not only could I NOT EAT THE MARIZPAN (a fate worse than death) but I also couldn't eat the icing either! Very annoying! Anyway, it was a good evening and I was pooped by the end of it.

Saturday 13 December 2008

Week 27 : Final third here I come!

"24 Reasons why I love you
Number 13

I love you because... you laugh at my silliness!"

And boy does that mean laughing a lot.
Anyway, depending on which book you read, today (or next saturday) is the start of the last trimester. I am so fed up with being pregnant, I can't wait to have this baby!
The weather over night was absolutely awful -very very windy and stormy - I had to switch off the mega-sonic woof woof as it was so loud that it was setting it off. I headed for Brighton to pick up JJ and the weather was still awful and in a couple of places the motorway was so flooded traffic had to creep along. Once I had found him in a starbucks, we wandered a bit further down the road, leaning into the wind the whole way and found a little cafe to have some breakfast in. Once suitably fed, we headed home, JJ snoring most of the way while I drove.

Friday 12 December 2008

Week 26 : Little does he know...

"24 Reasons why I love you
Number 12

I love you because... you will make an excellent mother."

It was himselfs christmas party last night and he was staying over night so I dropped him into work (he would go on after work with the others) and promised to try to remember to pick him up. I then headed home, stopping first at the big Tesco's in Horsham and spent too much mony of christmassy stuff and then headed back. But I was then waylaid by Notcutts and Santa firs so had to wander round the christmas departments of each. Having done that it was nearly lunchtime and I needed the loo so I dropped in at Mum and Dad's office and they took an early lunch and took me to lunch at the Grantley Arms. It was delicious (sausages and mash) but werid - who serves a meal with no vegetables? Anyway, I finally headed back to the poor puppies and played with them for a while in the garden, letting them stretch their legs until I got a call from JJ worrying that I hadn't got home OK. By this time I was completely pooped so dozed on the sofa until the evening when I watched soppy christmas films without anyone pointing out who soppy they were - bliss!

Thursday 11 December 2008

Week 26 : For indulge read tolerate...

"24 Reasons why I love you
Number 11

I love you because... you indulge my hobbies."

Wednesday 10 December 2008

Week 26 : awwwww

"24 Reasons why I love youNumber 10

I love you because... you cuddle me when I'm feeling down."

Tuesday 9 December 2008

Week 26 : Hmmmmm...

"24 Reasons why I love you
Number 9

I love you because... you are a little bit werid!"

Closely followed by John's comment "Hmmm, doesn't sound as romantic as I thought it was when I wrote it..." It made me laugh anyway.

Monday 8 December 2008

Week 26 : Beowolf

"24 Reasons why I love you
Number 8

I love you because... you are a kind person."

MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! I have lulled him into a false sense of security. Any day now I will be ready to strike...
I realised this morning that on Saturday I entered trimester three! It seems like it was only yesterday that I was moaning that I couldn't feel the baby move yet, at the weekend I had to buy some dungarees to accomodate the increasing bump! Helped Kristy with cutting words out of her essay this morning and then hopped into the shower. The moment my hair was wet, the guy that I sold my big box of star trek books to arrived to collect so I was half dressed and a bit flustered when answering the door and forgot to check the money he gave me so it was only once he was gone that I realised he had overpaid me. I checked with him and he said not to worry about the change as it wasn't much - bless him...
Last night, we watched Beowolf. I thought it was quite a good film but I did find it a bit disconcerting to be attracted to Ray Winstones character. Also, the accents were a bit off putting - the Danes all have wildly differing accents, as did the Geats and Grendel spoke in Old English which I could understand most of but John had problems with. I thought they stuck well to the spirit of Beowolf, even though they introduced additional elements (anything to crow-bar a sexy demon into it really) and removed some bits too, all of which made the overal story a bit more linked and coherent imho. All in all, it was very enjoyable as long as you weren't expecting a faithful recitation of the original legend...

Sunday 7 December 2008

Week 26 : Isn't that illegal?

"24 Reasons why I love you
Number 7

I love you because... you share my love of dogs.

Another one where context is vital...

Saturday 6 December 2008

Week 26 : Sight and sanity

"24 Reasons why I love you
Number 6

I love you because... you are sexy!"

So sad when someone looses their sight and sanity at such an early age...

Friday 5 December 2008

Week 25 : Contextually dubious

"24 Reasons why I love you
Number 5

I love you because... you are are funny."

He won't tell me in what context though...

Thursday 4 December 2008

Week 25 : I see an opticians appointment in your future....

"24 Reasons why I love you
Number 4

I love you because... you are the most beautiful woman in the world!"

So sad when someone looses their sight at such an early age...

Wednesday 3 December 2008

Week 25 : On the 3rd day of christmas...

"24 Reasons why I love you
Number 3
I love you because... you like to play scrabble."

A strange reason to love me as I alway WHUP HIS ASS!!!!! And on another note...

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Tuesday 2 December 2008

Week 25 : A typo

"24 Reasons why I love you
Number 2
I love you because... you are my intellectual equal."

Awwww - this one is very touching as he knows that I value intellect highly BUT I think it is a little telling that he has obviously got the word equal confused with superior... Nevermind, we can't all be as perfect as me :D

This morning I walked up the the doctors for my 25 week checkup. It was a beautiful morning - frosty but the sky was blue and the sun was shining and I was wearing my new hat (doesn't take a lot to please me really). The doctor checked my blood pressure and felt the bump and all was OK with the monster and, gratifyingly, he pronouced him spot on the right size for his age. He also weighed me and I am still 5 kilos lighter than when I first got pregnant, which is nice. It seem like a strange method to diet, but being pregnant seems to work for me! (Of course the monster is now mostly concerned with bulking up ready for birth so I don't expect it will last). The only downside is that I may have the beginnings of a urinary infection and the doctor wanted a second sample, so, of course, I could NOT pee for love nor money. I think I will have to hand in my sample tomorrow as it has to be in by 3 and it is 2 now and I still don't need to go despite drinking loads.

Having got back, I played with the horrors in the garden for a bit but it clouded over and got very dark so I decided to tackle the freezer. It hasn't be defrosted in yonks so the ice so beginning to stop the door from shutting properly and it had to be approached while wearing a full hazmat suit with decontamination procedures in place for immeadiately afterwards... It tooks ages - a full two hours but now, with the new drawer fronts too, it looks like new - sparkly and clean. I would be proud to let James T Kirk get a lolly from the freezer now...

Now I best get on and do the paperwork that I have been avoiding all morning. *sigh*
EDIT: OOOOOO - I just took delivery of a baby car seat and seat base. John's mum kindly said that she wanted to get the car seat for the baby so I had been having a rummage round the depths of the net to see if I could get the seat we wanted at the best price, eventually saving almost £60 cheaper AND, because we got it at Boots, getting tons of advantage points with it too which we can use later on for nappies etc which is nice.

Monday 1 December 2008

Week 25 : Awww

Well, the joys of pregnancy struck again today and I spent the best part of the day either being sick or asleep. BUT when John got home I was feeling a lot better and felt even better when he ensconced himself in the lounge telling me to keep out as he was doing "secret stuff"... When he emerged about 1/2 hour later it was with my advent calendar in tow.

There had been some fuss about advent calendars this year - I always have a bit of a headache with John's - he doesn't really like chocolate all that much and if I get if little toys etc type things he finds them a bit useless and won't open them for days on end. Last year I made if a made him a magnetic advent calendar which worked really well and I was very pleased with it but this year, with the pregnancy, hospital, no car to get anywhere and a complete lack of ideas I eventually said over the weekend that I just would not have time to do him one this year. He, meanwhile said he had an idea for mine - I'm normally easy as I love chocolate but ever since I have been pregnant I have not been too keen on it (don't get me wrong, I wouldn't turn it down, just not NEEDING chocolate the way a normal person should) so he had it a bit a tougher this year. BUT he came up trumps - when I opened the door to my calendar this year I had a small scroll bound with ribbon which read:

" 24 Reasons that I love you
Number 1
I love you because... you tolerate my 'shocking' jokes!"
He was worried I wouldn't like it but he needn't have been as I thought it was really really adorable (and felt awful for not getting him anything this year). We then ate way too much chicken stew and snuggled on the sofa to watch TV.
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