Sunday 29 May 2011

Ghost of a budgie?!

Just woke up from a very weird dream. I can't quite remember the narritive but here are the elements I remember, Adam Savage and Matt Smith were living with us along the numerous cats, a puppy, a tiger cub and the ghost of a budgie that kept tapping on the bathroom door. A young professional footballer murdered another footballer then killed himself and for some reason everyone thought I should be made aware of the fact. Emo Phillips (but much MUCH taller) was wandering round and when challenged he just muttered "I'm a friend of your father's". Mum and Dad's house was full to the ceilings with brooms .I left to go next door and see the silvers but bumped into a talking buddist rabbit monk. I though he would know why I kept seeing these strange things and when asked he replied "well this is the year of the rabbit so these things would get stronger" but then wouldn't answer any more questions. Bizarre!

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